Tourism Accreditation


Always use and accredited operator – look for the “tick” 

So what is Tourism Accreditation and what does the “Tick” mean?

Tourism Businesses who display the accreditation tick have met a predetermined level of specific business criteria to enable them to provide and high level of quality customer service and best practice industry standards.

An accredited business is a business which has met set of nationally endorsed industry standards providing a model for continuous improvement in best business practice. These standards include:

  • Effective business planning
  • Professional and quality customer service
  • Accuracy in advertising
  • Compliance with legislative requirements
  • Appropriate business licensing
  • Sound environmental practices

The TAAL Role

TAAL’s charter is to provide leadership and coordination in the development and implementation of accreditation programs for the tourism industry within a national framework. It will provide for continuous increases in industry professionalism and standards, a quality experience for tourists throughout Australia and deliver clear business benefits for tourism enterprises.

TAAL has 11 Directors nominated from TAAL membership, appointed at the Annual Meeting and comprising:

  • three persons representative of Tourism Industry Associations;
  • four persons representative of Tourism Accreditation Program Managers, two of whom shall represent Generic Program Managers and two of whom shall represent Sectoral Program Managers;,
  • two persons nominated by ASCOT, and,
  • two independent persons.
  • The Chairman is appointed by the Directors

Additionally, membership of TAAL is available to interested entities representative of the categories of Tourism Industry Associations, Tourism Accreditation Program Managers, Australian State and Territory Tourism Organisations, and, individual and interested parties/organisations.



Tourism Australia Partners With The University of Melbourne

Four students are now set to embark on the opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks to the Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of Melbourne; they will be spending two weeks at Tourism Australia in Seoul! Third year students - Roy Mao, Jiani Chen, Olivia Plymin, and Jun You had the option of taking Global Management Consulting, which through the use of international settings; gives them valuable industry experience, as they dive into the day to day aspects of their future careers, and face the issues often encounter in the course of their work.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Come to Australia

In mid June it was announced that Australia will be the 2017 destination for the prestigious World's 50 Best Restaurants awards. The announcement was made by Tourism Australia at the Chef's Feast, a dinner for the best restaurateurs and chefs held on the eve of this year's edition of the awards in New York. William Drew, Group Editor of the World's 50 Best Restaurants made the announcement with Tourism Australia Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Ronson.

How you can get involved in the tourism industry in Australia

Tourism has always been a burgeoning industry, and right now Australia is having its turn. Tourism Australia has found that over $35 billion dollars, GPD included has been making its way into the country through over a quarter million enterprises. The main way you can get a slice of that pie, is through property investment.  It’s not just as easy as buying a building and then starting to rack in your share though. Like anything else in the business world, it’s going to get somewhat complicated. With so many questions like, ‘Where do I start”? “How can I finance this”? And the ever important “What’s my take going to be?” Well I’ve got a few ideas for you, that should clear up some of that confusion for you, and have you on your way to investing in Australia’s growing tourism industry!
People always need a bed
 Sure, you could enter into the tourism industry in many ways, be it entertainment, catering or accommodation. However one thing people are always going to need is a place to sleep, plus you won’t be paying out overhead of stocking food and beverages.  When Tourism Australia went over the numbers, they’ve determined that there is already more demand than exists for accommodations for travelers, so there is already a niche waiting to be filled. They posit that from now thru 2020 we will see a 1.5% increase every year for that demand. You know some other savvy investors are going to take advantage of this; you might as well be one of them too! The practical advantage of residential properties for tourism purposes versus any others however are the rental terms. You aren’t renting a place out for several years at a time, your turn over will be high, and so will your profits. There are always peak times for this however and that’s still a benefit; the main tourist season in Australia saw over 800 thousand visitors in January of 2015. This dropped to nearly half that by June. That information can also help you when it comes time to upgrade or renovate those properties; making sure you aren’t spending money, when you could be making money.
Who would I be renting to?
 Surprisingly enough, most of the tourism in Australia right now, is from its own citizens. Making up about 62% of the overall tourism that occurs; IBIS World data also found China is also another major addition to that, to the tune of about 7 Billion.
How long will this be beneficial?
 Obviously this is one of those most important questions to take into consideration. The good news here is; it should continue right along for some years to come. The government has even stepped in to create Tourism 2020, an initiative aimed at supporting tourism as a whole, hoping to increase tourism gains to $115 billion! While the growth in Australian markets isn’t expected to be massive; it is seen to be a stable investment.  Predictions have it that tourism should grow around 1.2 per cent annually and the same arrivals by 3.9%! Those numbers alone, coupled with the governments assistance in the matter only cement the idea of a safe bet for investment. While I will always encourage you to speak to a Perth mortgage broker first, as they can help you with  capital, and more intimate details of placement for your new investment, I hope this has cleared a few things up for you. You should grab residential properties for tourism, the government is making it much easier to get this done, and it’s expected to continue right on up to 2020.  The time for investing in Australia is now; because tourism season is almost here!