TAAL Activities

TAAL being an industry driven accreditation system available to tourism business has key objectives which include:

To encourage the development and implementation of nationally consistent, industry driven, voluntary, Tourism Accreditation System throughout the tourism industry;
To evaluate and approve Accreditation Programs with or without amendment and issue a licence, with or without an annual licence fee, to approved Program Managers covering the use of the Logo;
To ensure the maintenance and development of the Standard for mandatory inclusion in all of the TAAL approved Accreditation Programs across Australia;
To authorise the maintenance and development of mandatory criteria for the approval of Accreditation Programs with respect to assessment, administration and enforcement procedures;
To facilitate the establishment of a Program License Holders Forum representative of all Program Managers,
To work with the Program License Holders Forum to ensure consistent practice and standards;
To ensure all Program Managers institute and maintain a system whereby all accredited tourism businesses are subject to an onsite verification visit at least every three years;
To establish and facilitate a database to enable all Program Managers to regularly update and maintain a web based register of tourism businesses that are accredited pursuant to the Standard; This database being accessible to industry and interested parties.
To oversee continuous development and quality improvement of the national system and provide national leadership in tourism accreditation;
To advise and assist in the marketing and promotion of the Logo, in partnership with Government tourism agencies and other interested parties;
To encourage marketing initiatives which increase consumer and industry awareness and understanding of tourism accreditation conducted by or in partnership with Government tourism agencies and state, territory and industry sector Accreditation Organisations;