Program License Holders Forum

The Program License Holders Forum is established to provide a formalised discussion forum for all endorsed license holders under the TAAL framework.

The purpose is to allow these programs to meet and discuss issues that confront them and determine suggested collaborative solutions to streamline their operation.

The forum has been established to:

provide a formalised mechanism for license holders to meet and discuss issues that affect them and the operation of their programs;
provide a formalised linkage between license holders and the TAAL board;
establish a collective position of the license holders to aid in the decision making process of the TAAL board;
identify issues and threats to the Accreditation Program on a national basis from a program perspective;
make recommendations to the TAAL board on operational, marketing and program delivery issues that need to be addressed.

Each Tourism Accreditation Program endorsed by TAAL shall have one seat at the forum. The Chairperson shall be a director of TAAL and shall be elected at the first meeting of the Forum after each Annual General Meeting.

Program Managers (TAAL Licensees)

Program Managers may be industry bodies or associations either individually or in consortia or may be individual persons or companies.

Program Managers will have prepared or commissioned the preparation of an Accreditation Program which will have been submitted to and approved by TAAL.

The approval of the Program by TAAL shall result in a licence being issued to the Program Manager to implement that Program, collect fees and approve the use of the Logo by accredited businesses.

When submitting an Accreditation Program for endorsement by TAAL the Program Manager must:

ensure that the Program requires businesses to clearly meet all aspects of the Standard;
provide a statement of requirements for accreditation as well as the method by which an applicant’s submission for accreditation is assessed;
provide a simple statement of principles upon which the Program is based;
provide a full copy of any associated documentation;
provide full detail of fees to be charged for accreditation including any discounts or concessions. These details are to cover the life of the Program so as to facilitate the application of the license agreement with TAAL;
demonstrate that the program and its management is open to public scrutiny at all points of the accreditation process including the assessment and renewal process;
identify adequate support for businesses relating to industry information and professional development programs, i.e. include a description of how the Program is to be supported including any resources which can be provided to the business by the Program Manager to achieve and maintain accreditation, eg. resource materials, professional development programs, staff training etc;
require that the applicant acknowledge that accreditation is issued on an annual basis and that upon renewal, the applicant be able to demonstrate to the Program Manager continued compliance and improvement against the business principles and standards;
require the applicant to provide an annual statutory declaration of compliance and commitment to the business principles and standards contained within the Program;
outline a procedure whereby persons suitably qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of the program will carry out on site verifications of all accredited businesses at least every three years after the initial accreditation;
incorporate an appropriate complaints management process with documented procedures for dealing with advice received from consumers that allege unsatisfactory performance by accredited businesses;
incorporate into the complaints management process an appeal provision in favour of the business in respect to action taken by the Program Manager;
acknowledge that TAAL retains the right to recover use of the Logo from the Program Manager or directly from an individual business entity and that this is clearly identified within the Program. F