TAAL Technical Committee

An advisory committee has been established to support the operation of the TAAL in respect to technical aspects of accreditation.

Committee membership is limited to four (4) persons with experience in the development and administration of accreditation standards and programs. Members are appointed directly by the TAAL Board and the Chairperson shall be a TAAL Director.

The Committee has been established to:

examine and make recommendation to TAAL on the approval of all tourism accreditation programs;

make recommendations to TAAL for the continuous improvement of the National Standard, administrative process and procedures;

research, report and provide technical advice to TAAL as required on all matters relating to accreditation;
provide a forum for the exchange of experiences in the operation of Programs so as to ensure the highest degree of national uniformity possible, given the inherent differences that exist;

ensure a national consistency in the delivery of tourism accreditation across all Nationally Accredited Programs and sectoral compliance with the standard;

development of the assessment/verification/auditing guidelines for TAAL
(1) in respect of accreditation programs and

(2) through accreditation programs to operators;

development of the National license agreement and additional franchisees agreement; and

technical alignment of tourism accreditation with the National Tourism Awards.