Accredited Professionals

To ensure that you have a great trip, plan your trip with the help of an accredited and experienced professional. This person will offer you information about Australia and anything you need to know about traveling here. He or she will tell you about the requirements like Visas and help you book plane tickets and accommodation. This professional will make sure that you are set for traveling and make sure that everything is in place when you get to Australia.

You can choose any of the accredited professionals listed below. They are listed according to the state they function in. They will all give you great customer service.


  • Marzena Stanton (English, Italian)
  • Maggie Brown (English, French, German)
  • Peter Cameron (English)
  • Joe Simpson (English, Spanish)


  • Shelley Colley (English, Hebrew, German)
  • Janet Jago (English, French, Italian, Portuguese)
  • Susanne Perrottet (English)
  • Daniel June (English, Mandarin)

New South Wales

  • Stephan Weress (English)
  • John Matthews (English, Italian)
  • Michelle Yang (English, Mandarin, Korean)
  • Libby Potter (English)

Northern Territory

  • Allan Ingham (English)
  • Betty Anderson (English, Spanish)

You can contact any of these accredited professionals for information about visiting Australia. They know everything about our tourist attractions, how to book flights and accommodation, and where to find guides. They will assist in the process of getting all the necessary documentation ready and make sure everything is in order before you board your plane.

For more accredited professionals, you can visit the Australian Tourism Accreditation sites. You can contact anyone there as well if you need assistance on finding an accredited person to help you.