Nature in Australia is beautiful and mesmerizing. There is a multitude of trees, flowers, vegetables, and animals that make it an extraordinary country. A lot of this beauty can be found in Australians’ home gardens. There are many beautiful flower gardens with the most colorful blooms. I truly love flowers and I always take pictures to later find out what types of flowers I saw. I have compiled a list of a few of the flowers that are commonly found in our Australian gardens.

Frangipani – These white, five-petal flowers flower from December to April. They require well-drained soil and a lot of sun to flourish. These flowers love the beach and grow well in sandy soils.

Kangaroo Paw – This plant flowers from spring to autumn and its flowers look like paws. They like well-drained soil and need to be cut back at the end of the flowering season so they can grow again the next season.

Bougainvillea – Bougainvilleas can be found in many countries and remains a garden favorite. The dwarf bougainvillea can be potted or planted in courtyard gardens. The larger varieties look great in their cerise pink splendor in any garden.

Gardenia – These flowers make a flower garden smell like spring. They are very thirsty and need lots of water and they also require regular fertilizing.

Grevilia – This is a beautiful flower that looks like a firework and is mostly a pink-red color. It attracts birds and other pollinating insects and gives life to any garden.

Banksia – This is native Australian plant that is quite common. They add color to many a garden and attract birds and bees. They give a vibrant feel to any garden.

These are but some of the wonderful garden flowers that brighten up Australian gardens. A beautiful flower garden does wonders for the soul and makes you feel instantly happy. I hope you found this list helpful in identifying the flowers you see in beautiful gardens.