Australian Tourism Accreditation Programs

Programs offer a pathway through which TAAL seeks to encourage the development and maintenance of effective, efficient and sustainable business practices.

It is integral to Programs that they expect accredited businesses to develop and maintain a strong commitment to service excellence seeking at all times to exceed the expectations of the consumer.

Programs fall into two categories, both of which require applicant businesses to conform to the Standard set by the TAAL.

Sectoral Programs would normally be initiated by an industry association and be specifically directed to businesses covered by that sector of the industry. In addition to the requirements of the Standard such a Program would include the provision of facilities and standards peculiar to that sector. An early example of a Sectoral Program had been prepared by Caravan Industry Australia and approved by the TAAL. Sectoral Programs would normally have a national focus.

Generic Programs whilst containing the requirements of the National Standard are not directed to any specific sector of the industry. It would be expected that where appropriate compliance with any industry regulations or requirements would be covered as part of the Standard. The State/Territory Programs are generic programs, which have the ability to have sector specific requirements added (‘bolted on’).

If a proposed Program fails, initially, to meet the requirements of the TAAL, then TAAL or The Technical Advisory Committee will provide the necessary guidance and negotiate a specified time frame within which the Program Manager must aim to comply with the Standard.